Mud Rotary Drilling - this method is used for drilling through soft rocks, sand and clay layers especially in the search for coal, oil or gas. A special mix of clay and water is forced down the drill hole turning a rotary bit, with rock chips returning in the "mud" slurry. The method is also often used in the construction of water bores.


RIG 11: Mud Rotary Rig – DT2

This rig is mounted on a late model Mercedes Actross 8 wheel drive carrier. It has a large capacity Gardner Denver mud pump, main and rod winches and rig hydraulics powered by a Caterpillar engine. Numerous features make this a capable, reliable and versatile machine for mud rotary and water well drilling.




Drillwest Rig 11 Mud Rotary Rig

Drillwest Rig 11 Mud Rotary Rig