“Projects completed over the next decade will support strong commodity export volumes into the future."
Wayne Calder, Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics Deputy Executive Director


Our Drilling Equipment and Capabilities

Drillwest is a powerhouse in drilling and equipment supply for the resource sector. Our rigs and support equipment are kept in excellent condition and undergo regular servicing, cleaning and maintenance to ensure they are in good working order.

Each rig has two support vehicles on site that are customised to suit the needs of the rig, the terrain and the type of drilling being carried out. The vehicles may be used for water carting, personnel transport, refuelling or other duties as required. Many of the support trucks offer large capacity water and/or fuel tanks.

For further information on Drillwest's drilling capabilities, follow the links below:

Aircore Drilling >
Utilises hardened steel or tungsten blades to bore holes into unconsolidated ground.

RC Drilling (Reverse Circulation Drilling) >
The most popular method of drilling in the mineral exploration industry.

Diamond Drilling >
For drilling hard rock or hard ground. 

Mud Rotary Drilling >
For drilling soft rock or sands.